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The All-Weather Data Analytics Business

Serving the Insurance, Utility, Oil & Gas, Financial, and Agriculture industries

Press Release: PlanetWatchers Announces Breakthrough SAR Analytics Platform; World Expert in Synthetic Aperture Radar to Lead Initiatives
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PlanetWatchers published a new case study with Airbus Defence and Space: Early Drought and Disease Detection in Eucalyptus Clones at Scale
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PlanetWatchers was featured on Seraphim Capital’s 2020 Space Tech Map of Emerging VC-Backed Leaders.
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Existing optical satellites solutions only partially address needs due to limitations caused by data inadequacy due to cloud coverage, weather conditions and nightfall.

We specialize in the autonomous extraction of insights using SAR, an all-weather satellite data source captured day and night 24/7.

Our Technology

Change detection in dynamic natural phenomena is complex. Using its own proprietary AI, PlanetWatchers can point the customer to the location of the new hot spots or areas with higher risk assessment and surface easier the root cause of the indication. Learn more


Hectares of geographically distributed natural assets monitored

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