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Press Release: PlanetWatchers Announces Breakthrough SAR Analytics Platform; World Expert in Synthetic Aperture Radar to Lead Initiatives
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PlanetWatchers published a new case study with Airbus Defence and Space: Early Drought and Disease Detection in Eucalyptus Clones at Scale
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PlanetWatchers was honored as one of 2019’s Top 100 Geospatial Companies and Startups by Geoawesomeness
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PlanetWatchers’ monitoring platform is filling the analytics gap and reshaping the way enterprises are managing geographically distributed natural resources.


Maximize yield and productivity by leveraging timely information about drought risk, disease locations and forest disturbances. Read more


Detect sub-field growth variability and crop structure changes to alert real-time about growth anomalies.

Oil & Gas

Monitor terrestrial infrastructure proactively to prevent and mitigate losses and environmental damages. Read more


For insurance, utilities and mining, track remote assets to pinpoint and alert on areas of interest for on the ground assessment.

PlanetWatchers utilizes multi-source radar and optical imagery to provide the last mile of analytics for operations teams in the field.

Our Technology

Change detection in dynamic natural phenomena is complex. Using its own proprietary AI, PlanetWatchers can point the customer to the location of the new hot spots or areas with higher risk assessment and surface easier the root cause of the indication. Learn more


Hectares of geographically distributed natural assets monitored

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