Mifram x PlanetWatchers: Precision agriculture meets satellite technology

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with innovative companies at the forefront of agricultural technology.

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Anoushka Manidhar

We are excited to announce a new collaboration between Mifram Agencies (1999) Ltd., Ruhama Agriculture Cooperative, and PlanetWatchers, three innovative companies at the forefront of agricultural technology.

Mifram has been the official importer of John Deere agricultural machinery to Israel for 25 years. John Deere is a global leader in advanced agricultural technology, particularly in the field of precision agriculture. Mifram has a stellar reputation for offering high-quality agricultural tools, gardening equipment, spare parts, and various other farming requirements in Israel.

Ruhama Agriculture Cooperative is implementing cutting-edge practices and has unique experience and knowledge of practicing agriculture in semi-arid regions. 

PlanetWatchers, on the other hand, utilize satellite technology to tell the story of every field, supporting crop insurance by enhancing policy and claims validation, saving their clients time and money. As part of the collaboration, Mifram and Ruhama have provided PlanetWatchers with precision agricultural data that has been collected over a long span of time. 

PlanetWatchers’ team visiting the agricultural fields

PlanetWatchers are now in the process of exploring this data to test and train it in agricultural fields, in order to enhance the capabilities of our existing software and systems. Whilst PlanetWatchers algorithms and services are entirely focused on North American agricultural land, using Mifram’s data provides the PlanetWatchers team with an opportunity to explore the transferability of their North American models to other parts of the world.

The partnership between Mifram, Ruhama, and PlanetWatchers presents a tremendous opportunity to enhance the agricultural industry through the use of cutting-edge technology. The data provided through this collaboration will help Mifram and Ruhama gain a deeper understanding of how the data from the John Deere machinery can be coupled with advanced satellite data and machine learning analysis to gain insights into field operations and practices.

A John Deere tractor in an agricultural field

Eyal Harozi from Mifram (John Deere Israel), expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This is an exciting collaboration for us, bringing together our precision agriculture experience with the satellite analysis expertise of PlanetWatchers. We are excited to work together, and part of the fun is finding out what this collaboration will lead to.” 

Rami from the Ruhama team said, “It’s great to be involved in this partnership. We are continually looking for ways to enhance our practices and the feedback from the PlanetWatchers team on how the precision data can be made more actionable will be very valuable to our operation.” 

Roi Shilo, CTO at PlanetWatchers said, “Our developers have already been exploring the great data provided by Mifram and Ruhama, and using it to sharpen our data analysis algorithms which will further improve the accuracy of our services, assist in our R&D efforts and help increase the efficiency of the wider agricultural industry.

Focusing exclusively on crop insurance in North America, PlanetWatchers tells the story of every field saving our customers time and money by enhancing policy and claims validation.