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Our acreage services

Our acreage reporting services are up to 14% more accurate than manual data collection

These services are also designed to save up to 83% of the manual effort involved in collecting acreage reports.

Each year the USDA requires every producer of corn, soybean, cotton, and spring wheat to submit an Acreage Report before July 15th. Acreage reporting is an important form of record keeping for producers, documenting all acres of crops planted, and their intended uses. Errors in acreage reporting can lead to the creation of inaccurate premiums that have the potential to cause denial or refusal of claims therefore it is crucial to ensure that premiums are accurate to avoid costly errors.

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Delivered ahead of the sales period to allow for more accurate sales quotations and improved customer service

Our forecasted acreage reporting service involves the analysis of the historical data provided by crop insurers on crop acreage, planting patterns, and emerging trends. We use advanced technology and machine learning algorithms to process this data, providing our customers with insight to help with forecasting the crop yield potential. By forecasting acreage well in advance of the sales period, we enable crop insurers to plan their sales strategies with greater confidence, ensuring that they can meet their customers’ needs.



Delivered between May 1st and July 31st, helping crop insurers save time, improve data quality and reduce costly errors

Our automated acreage reporting service is designed to streamline the reporting process, save time, and reduce costly errors. Our service is delivered between May 1st and July 31st and includes plant date, crop ID, and crop acres, providing crop insurers with reliable data that can inform their decision-making processes in the event of a claim.

Reducing the cost of administering crop insurance policies, our automated acreage reporting enables insurers and their agents to make more efficient use of resources and reduce other overhead costs associated with manual data entry and paperwork. This also contributes to the creation of more accurate premiums, strengthening the process in the event of a claim and benefiting insurers, agents and growers alike.



Delivered after July 15th to allow for the identification of discrepancies in manually collected acreage reporting

Our innovative acreage validation service is designed to identify discrepancies in manually collected acreage reporting and ensure the accuracy of policies. Our service is delivered from August 1st, allowing us to provide crop insurers with up-to-date field data that can improve the quality of their reporting and support the resolution of potential claims. Enhanced accuracy of acreage reports can enable faster claims processing and payments, which can reduce financial losses and improve customer satisfaction.



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We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent about our service delivery. You can find out more about our use of synthetic aperture radar and the wider technology stack we use on our website or feel free to get in touch with us.

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Our services are designed to help reduce 40%-75% of the time spent processing claims

Our range of insurance claims services include an automated wind service that identifies wind damage events, a prevented planting service that provides comprehensive information for the efficient adjustment of claims, and a forensic analysis service for complex claims. We also collaborate with customers to develop innovative services for improved efficiency and value. 

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Our approach

Discover our approach to building long-term partnerships, scalable solutions, and reliable outputs

PlanetWatchers is committed to serving the crop insurance industry. We pride ourselves on our unique approach, which centers around fostering long-term partnerships, developing scalable solutions, and delivering reliable outputs. By focusing on these key areas, we believe that we can help our customers achieve their goals and grow their book of business. 

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