Webinar with NASA Harvest

Dominic Edmunds – CEO PlanetWatchers
Roi Shilo – CTO PlanetWatchers
Nicola Gibson – SVP of Sales PlanetWatchers
Inbal Becker-Reshef – Director of NASA Harvest
Medhi Hosseini
– Associate Research Professor of the NASA Harvest Hub

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Moray Souter

In this webinar, PlanetWatchers brings together a panel of experts, including the Director of NASA Harvest Inbal Becker-Reshef, Medhi Hosseini, and our CTO Roi Shilo to delve deep into the data evaluation and analysis of the devastating Derecho Storm that struck Iowa in 2020. Join us as the experts shed light on the differences in data results collated and the methodologies employed while offering insights into the future of remote sensing in providing fast and accurate data from large-scale events.

Throughout this webinar, the panelists share their knowledge and experience in remote sensing and agricultural monitoring, as they provide insights into the differences in data outcomes and the varying methodologies employed by organizations, such as NASA Harvest.