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Our claims services help crop insurers save 40%-75% of the time spent processing a claim

We help crop insurers enhance the efficiency of their field visits, improve the accuracy of adjustments and resolve complex claims in a timely manner.

At PlanetWatchers, we understand the importance of providing solutions that can enhance the claims process for our customers and as a result, we have created a comprehensive range of services for crop insurers in North America.

Our insurance claims services include an automated wind service that identifies wind damage events, a prevented planting service that provides comprehensive information for the efficient adjustment of claims, and a forensic analysis service for complex investigations. We understand that every customer is unique and we work closely with them to develop innovative solutions for improved efficiency and value.

An aerial view of a ripe wheat field damaged prior to harvest by weather phenomenon such as wind rain and hail Cornfield flooding from heavy rain and storms in the Midwest. Flooding weather and corn crop damage from standing water in farm field Hail damage and heavy rain destroys crop agriculture and maize fields


Enabling adjusters to make informed decisions, saving time and resources, and helping settle claims accurately

Our automated wind service leverages the latest advancements in data analysis to provide insurance adjusters with a comprehensive understanding of the damage caused by wind. By analyzing satellite images, weather data, and other relevant information, we can identify areas that have been affected by wind damage, even in cases where the damage may not be immediately apparent.

One of the most significant benefits of our automated wind service is that it allows adjusters to focus their efforts on the areas that have been most severely impacted by wind damage. Therefore, adjusters can make informed decisions and prioritize their field visits, saving significant time and resources. The service can also help improve the accuracy of insurance claims assessments, by providing adjusters with a more complete picture of the damage. We can help ensure that claims are settled fairly and accurately, providing the Insureds with the right payouts.

Aerial top-down view of a wheat field with fallen down broken by wind wheat heads. Wind-damaged crops and agriculture failure


Helping adjust prevented planting claims more efficiently, reducing loss adjustment expenses and improving claims assessments

Our prevented planting service provides a comprehensive report that includes the location of prevented planting areas within the field, field conditions over time, localized precipitation, cause of loss, and 1 in 4 rule validation. This information is critical to enhancing the accuracy when assessing prevented planting claims, helping to ensure that producers receive the correct payout. It enables adjusters to process claims more efficiently by providing all of the relevant information in a single report. Adjusters can quickly assess the claim and make informed decisions about how to proceed, therefore, reducing loss adjustment expenses.

Farmland showing flooded areas and prevented planting. Horizon with fields in the distance


Helping resolve controversial claims, improving claims assessments, and saving crop insurers time and money

Our forensic analysis service involves a detailed review of events in a field, using advanced data analysis techniques to identify potential causes and contributing factors. By examining weather data, soil conditions, and other relevant information, we are able to provide adjusters with a complete picture of the damage and help them make informed decisions about how to proceed.

One of the key benefits of our forensic analysis service is that it can support insurance companies in resolving controversial claims. In one recent example, our forensic analysis service supported a leading AIP in resolving a controversial claim, saving them over $4.2 million in the process. By providing a detailed and thorough analysis of the events that led to the damage, we were able to help the insurance company make an informed decision and settle the claim fairly and accurately.

Corn field close up showing single path along the center


Improving claims assessments, providing everyday value, enhancing efficiency, and helping guide production practices in the industry

Harvest Detection: Understand when and where harvest operations have occurred

Tillage: Detect when and where tillage has occurred

Growing Season Inspection: Validating areas of potential concern

Production Monitoring: Flagging potential production anomalies throughout crop development

Cover Crop Detection: Understand the location and extent to which cover crops are used

Relative Yield: Forecasting crop yield based on historical production

Hail: Identify crop damage caused by hail

Fund Designation: Informing risk profiles for resource allocation


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We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent about our service delivery. You can find out more about our use of synthetic aperture radar and the wider technology stack we use on our website or feel free to get in touch with us.

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Our automated acreage reporting enhances the accuracy of manual data collection by 14%

Our acreage reporting services are up to 14% more accurate than manual data collection and are designed to save up to 83% of the manual effort involved in collecting acreage reports. We help crop insurers with more efficient resource management and improve accuracy. Recording crop acres can be made more efficient and accurate with our acreage reporting services. 

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Discover our approach to building long-term partnerships, scalable solutions, and reliable outputs

PlanetWatchers is committed to serving customers in the crop insurance industry. We pride ourselves on our unique approach, which centers around fostering long-term partnerships, developing scalable solutions, and delivering reliable outputs. By focusing on these key areas, we believe that we can help our customers achieve their goals and grow their book of business. 

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A yellow wheat field with fallen ripe ears and an open horizon. A farmer here might benefit from crop hail insurance