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Our approach

our approach

Discover our unique approach to building reliable outputs, scalable solutions, and long-term partnerships

At PlanetWatchers, we take pride in our approach to providing solutions for our customers in the crop insurance industry.

Centered around building long-term partnerships, creating scalable solutions, and producing reliable outputs, our approach means we can help our customers achieve their goals and grow their book of business for years to come.

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Long-term partnerships

We understand our customer’s business to develop solutions

Instead of providing one-off deliverables that need to be built from scratch, we aim to build long-term partnerships with each and every one of our customers. This means that we take the time to understand our customer’s businesses and their needs. By putting the industry first, we can develop services that truly meet our customer’s goals and objectives.

For us, building a long-term partnership means being there for our customers every step of the way. We don’t just deliver a product; instead, we provide ongoing support to ensure that our solutions are meeting our customer’s needs. By staying engaged and responsive, we’re able to build trust with our customers and create lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved.

This is especially important in the field of crop insurance where the need for fast and reliable acreage reporting and claims validation is an annual essential.

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We create scalable services that can grow with our customer’s businesses

We don’t strive for short-term fixes; we want to help our customers build for the long term. This means that we prioritize automation wherever possible, as this is one of the best ways to achieve economies of scale.

By automating processes, we can help our customers achieve greater efficiency and profitability. This is particularly important as businesses grow and their book of business expands. Our goal is to provide solutions that support this pace of growth, rather than requiring our customers to constantly invest in new products or services.

When we work with a customer to analyze their insured acres, we are building a solution that can be used for years to come.

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We use real-world data to create services that have been tried, tested, and validated in the field

We take great care to ensure that our services are reliable and effective. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by using real-world data to inform our decisions. We don’t rely on guesswork or assumptions.

Our focus on reliability extends to our outputs as well. We don’t just produce services and hope for the best; instead, we take great care to ensure that everything we deliver has been thoroughly tested and validated. We understand that our customer’s success depends on the effectiveness of our delivery, which is why everything we produce meets our high standards of quality and reliability.

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Speak to our team

We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent about our service delivery. You can find out more about our use of synthetic aperture radar and the wider technology stack we use on our website or feel free to get in touch with us.

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Our automated acreage reporting enhances the accuracy of manual data collection by 14%

Our acreage reporting services are up to 14% more accurate than manual data collection and are designed to save up to 83% of the manual effort involved in collecting acreage reports. We help crop insurers with more efficient resource management and improve accuracy. Recording crop acres can be made more efficient and accurate with our acreage reporting services. 

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Our claims services are designed to reduce 40%-75% of the time spent processing claims

Our range of insurance claims services includes an automated wind service that identifies wind damage events, a prevented planting service that provides comprehensive information for the efficient adjustment of claims, and a forensic analysis service for complex investigations. We also collaborate with customers to develop innovative services for improved efficiency and value. 

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