Webinar - How is SAR (Synthetic aperture radar) analysis used to deliver crop monitoring?

Early Season Crop Monitoring

In this webinar series, PlanetWatchers discuss in detail how SAR (synthetic aperture radar) analysis is used to deliver crop monitoring.
Our CEO Dominic Edmunds, CTO Roi Shilo  and SVP of Sales Jordan Winkler discuss  the capabilities of SAR analysis and how it has a pivotal role in providing more accurate, early season reporting to the crop insurance and agriculture industries.

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Webinar with NASA Harvest evaluating Iowa Derecho Storm

Webinar with NASA Harvest

PlanetWatchers discuss and evaluate the data from the Derecho Storm in 2020 with our guests from NASA Harvest. PlanetWatchers CTO Roi Shilo, Director of NASA Harvest Inbal Becker-Reshef and Medhi Hoessini share thoughts and insights on the differences in data results collated and methodology used. Find out how they see the future of remote sensing evolving to provide fast, accurate data from large scale events such as the Derecho.

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Crop Industry Data Collection

Crop Insurance Webinar

PlanetWatchers talk data collection in the crop insurance industry with guest speakers from AgriSompo North America and ProAg. We discuss the benefits of remote sensing to collate data supporting crop insurance claims and find out how this is utilised within the industry.

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