Accurate validation of prevented planting at scale
Providing analysis in line with the RMA 1 in 4 rule

The purpose of prevented planting provisions in crop insurance policies is to provide valuable coverage when unexpected extreme weather conditions prevent planting. Prevented planting coverage is available for most crops and covers insurable causes of loss such as extreme weather and excess precipitation that occurs during the insurance period. Prevented planting is caused when there is a failure to plant an insured crop by the final planting date agreed in the insurance policy. Final planting dates and late planting periods vary by crop and by area.

The ‘1 in 4’ rule

For acreage to be eligible for Prevented Planting crop insurance coverage, it must be available for planting and meet the “1 in 4 rule which is enforced by the RMA (Risk management agency).

The “1 in 4 rule” states that land must be planted, insured, and harvested in at least one of the four most recent crop years.

In line with the RMA’s requirements for prevented planting claims, we are able to support validation of the 1 in 4 rule and provide Cause of Loss using SAR (synthetic aperture radar) led analysis and historical data points.

Case Study:

A prevented planting claim was made due to flooding within a 400-acre field in 2021. We provided supporting analysis from the dates provided to show the moisture levels within the stated area and used historical analysis to provide activity from the previous 4 years.

Soil moisture map

Moisture Frequency Map 

This moisture map shows darker blue for the most moisture within the field boundary and surrounding areas, for the dates relating to the claim. We can clearly see that there is a triangle of excess moisture particularly in the top central area of the field marked.

Prevented Planting 1 in 4 rule analysis

1 in 4 Rule Analysis

This map shows the planting activity within the field over the last 4 years. We can see that some areas showing as heavy moisture have not been active within the last 4 years. This claim would therefore not fit within the RMA 1 in 4 rule and would not be paid out in full.


How can we help? 

We understand the importance of accurate and timely insight that delivers tangible benefits across the crop insurance industry, which is why we operate a continual monitoring service throughout the season. 

PlanetWatchers can support you with reducing your loss ratios and increasing efficiency with SAR (synthetic aperture radar) analysis. Combining the sensitivity of our SAR (synthetic aperture radar) analysis with multiple data points, we can accurately identify instances of prevented planting at scale.

SAR data is extremely resistant and can be captured day or night, regardless of cloud cover, allowing for effective monitoring at scale. Our SAR (synthetic aperture radar) led analysis is designed specifically to provide value to crop insurers throughout the season.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch to find out how Planet Watchers can help.