PlanetWatchers at NCIS 2023: Day 3

Here’s a recap of Day 3 at the 2023 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention, held from February 12th to 15th in Bonita Springs, Florida.

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Moray Souter

Today was the first day of the main general session at NCIS 2023 and it all began with a delicious breakfast buffet, including pastries and muffins, out on the Calusa Terrace at the Hyatt Regency. The time passed quickly chatting with fellow delegates and hearing what they were looking forward to in the sessions ahead.

In no time at all we heard the bell inviting everyone into the main hall for the general session to begin. Knowing all the effort that the PlanetWatchers marketing team had put into providing the sponsored collateral, it was great to see a room full of attendees wearing PlanetWatchers lanyards and using the PlanetWatchers notebooks and pens that we had laid out on all the seats the day before. 

Delegates attending the first general session at NCIS 2023

I managed to grab a front-row seat for the morning talks, giving me a perfect view of all the presentation slides. The opening address from Kendall Jones of ProAg was the perfect blend of past, present and future, giving us all a welcome reminder of the rich history of crop insurance while also highlighting goals for the future. There were fascinating contributions from members of Congress and each panel session resulted in thought-provoking questions from the audience.

Kendall Jones addressing the audience

With the sessions over, it was time for a team lunch before heading back to the conference hall to restock all the seating with more notebooks, ready for the second day of the general session. The next steps are already in action for the PlanetWatchers mini golf tournament happening tomorrow from 3 pm – 5 pm in the Calusa ballroom as planning where the signage will go was one of the important tasks to be done.

With dinner at a seafood restaurant finishing off the Monday activities, it was a busy but very enjoyable first full day of the conference. 

PlanetWatchers team attending a dinner hosted by ProAg

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