We provide accurate crop classification at scale
Within 8 weeks of the planting date.

Reliable and accurate crop classification maps are an important data source for agricultural monitoring and acreage reporting.

This information is especially of high interest to producers, financiers and the crop insurance industry. The USDA requires crop classification as part of the acreage report submitted by land owners by July 15th each year.

Early classification provides users with valuable insight so that critical commercial planning and decisions can be made. Classifying and monitoring growth of crops also highlights any issues related to growth.

Optical imagery alone can only provide this information at a much later stage of growth and is continually impeded by the presence of clouds.

However, SAR (synthetic aperture radar) led analysis and our highly sensitive algorithms allow us to determine key policy data such as planting dates, crop classification and acres planted automatically and at significant scale to ensure accurate and timely data capture.

Crop Classification by acres and planting date.
Above: The classification of crops within a single CLU in Iowa during 2019.

SAR is an appealing method for crop classification because of its all-weather monitoring capabilities and ability to produce accurate and reliable data.

“PlanetWatchers classification data has been proven in the field to deliver 97% accuracy.”