Our automated acreage reporting is 20% more accurate
Than manual data collection and available by July 1st.

Each year the USDA requires every farm landowner to submit an Acreage Report before July 15th. Acreage reporting is an important form of record keeping for farmers by documenting all acres of crops planted, and their intended uses. 

Recording both planted and emerged acres is a massive manual overhead. It often lacks efficiency, and is known to deliver inaccurate results. The report validates the crop emergence from the initial planted acreage. This provides an insight into the yield predictions for harvesting. 

PlanetWatchers are helping to transform the acreage reporting process. We provide automated acreage reporting which can be delivered by July 15th and is up to 20% more accurate.

Using SAR (synthetic aperture radar) led analysis, our highly sensitive algorithms allow us to accurately provide planting dates, crop acres and crop classification automatically at scale.

SAR is unrestricted by weather or light conditions and can be captured day or night, regardless of cloud cover. Our analysis provides detailed insight at state, county and field level. 

The importance of the USDA receiving all acreage reports by July 15th is to provide estimated yield predictions and confirm market pricing. Any issues/shortfalls in yield can be highlighted and action can hopefully be taken to increase yields before harvest. Events such as extreme weather bringing high winds or flooding after July 15th will of course have a detrimental effect on the yield estimations. PlanetWatchers are able to support the crop insurance industry with fast, accurate analysis of crop damage at scale, prompting faster action of re-plant operation claim processes.