We increase the accuracy of data
Gathered by crop insurers from 84% to 97%.

Understanding planted acres is essential for landowners to forecast acres to be harvested. Also for capacity planning and the associated expected yield per acre and food security.

Planted acre data is also used in the agriculture futures markets reviewing grain supply and demand. Each year, USDA agencies collect data relating to crops through crop acreage reports.

Providing a crop acreage report allows farmers to be part of USDA initiatives. This includes crop insurance, safety net and disaster response programs.

The report must be submitted by July 15th each year and include all crop and land use as well as any prevented planting acreage.

Using SAR led analysis, our highly sensitive algorithms allow us to determine key policy data. This includes planting dates, crop classification and acres automatically, and at significant scale to ensure accurate and timely data capture.

We provide planted acre data within 4 weeks of the crop being planted. This allows accurate acreage reports for submission by July 15th.