Early Season Crop Monitoring using SAR

Dominic Edmunds – CEO PlanetWatchers
Roi Shilo – CTO PlanetWatchers
Jordan Winkler – SVP of Sales PlanetWatchers

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Moray Souter

In this informative webinar series, PlanetWatchers brings together a team of experts to delve deeply into the fascinating realm of SAR (synthetic aperture radar) analysis and its impact on crop monitoring. Led by our CEO, Dominic Edmunds, alongside our CTO, Roi Shilo, and our SVP of Sales, Jordan Winkler, this discussion sheds light on the incredible capabilities of SAR analysis and its pivotal role in the way we provide precise, early-season reporting to the crop insurance and agriculture industries.

Throughout this webinar, our panel shares insights into how SAR enables overcome traditional limitations of crop monitoring, empowering producers, insurers, and industry professionals with accuracy and actionable data.