Data collection with the crop insurance industry

Dominic Edmunds – CEO PlanetWatchers
Roi Shilo – CTO PlanetWatchers
Nicola Gibson – Marketing Manager PlanetWatchers
Seavey Anthony – Research and Development Project Manager AgriSompo North America
Steve Renter
– Director of business innovation ProAg

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Moray Souter

In this engaging webinar, PlanetWatchers have the honor of hosting esteemed guest speakers from AgriSompo North America and ProAg as we delve into the world of remote sensing and its role in collating and analyzing data to support crop insurance claims. Join us as we discuss the benefits of this innovative technology and gain insights into how it is effectively utilized within the industry to evolve the way we understand and mitigate risks.

The panel provides invaluable insights into the powerful synergy between remote sensing and the crop insurance sector and discovers the ways in which remote sensing technologies, such as satellite imagery and aerial sensors, enable precise and comprehensive data collection that drives informed decision-making and efficient claims processing.