Satellite driven agriculture monitoring and insights for crop insurance

Planting data using SAR analytics

PlanetWatchers provides crop insurance agencies a powerful solution for staying ahead of the needs of their customers by providing a reliable and predictable monitoring service. Our service is global, fully scalable, orders of magnitude faster than competitors, and works day and night and under all weather conditions, enabling us to provide valuable insights even through clouds and fog.The benefits include improved safety, cost savings, increased speed of payout, more robust loss prevention, and the potential for new insurance products.

Reduce Overheads

Automate policy data capture, validate loss assessment, and handle claims cost-effectively. PlanetWatchers provides timely and independent insights about the type of crop, planting dates, prevented planting, crop damage, harvest dates, and other crop key performance indicators.

Increase Speed of Payouts

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by validating and paying out claims faster.

Loss Prevention

Timely insights on crop development enable early alerting and mitigation of problems during the crop life cycle.

Safety & Flexibility

No need to send people to the field, the information is captured remotely by satellites and reported back to the crop insurance company in an easy to use web-based portal without the need for additional software.

New Insurance Products

  • More granular than county level
  • Better parametric insurance
Global insight SAR data for agriculture
Analytics for Agricultural insurance
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