Our validation of re-plant claims helps to
Reduce loss ratios and increase efficiency

Working with the crop insurance industry, PlanetWatchers are helping to support and improve the validation process of re-plant claims, working to reduce loss ratios, and increasing efficiency.

We can provide analysis of re-plant operations by combining the sensitivity of SAR (synthetic aperture radar) analysis with multiple data points to detect activity in the field during the original planting and replant dates, as well as later differences in crop emergence and subsequent maturity stage.

Our re-plant operations analysis can deliver one of the following claim suggestions:

Re-Plant Claims

Our claim suggestions are made based on the findings from analysis throughout the season.

Analysis before the claimed date of Replant:

  • Detecting flood or high moisture events in the CLU or surrounding area. 
  • Detecting and validating the period of the original planting date and the acreage planted 
  • Detecting the period of emergence/early crop growth
  • Report the homogeneity level of emergence/early crop growth

Analysis during and after the claimed date of Replant:

  • Detecting any destruction (mechanical or chemical) of the emerged crop in the period before the re-plant claim
  • Detecting and/or differentiating any new soil disturbance events
  • Detecting any patches of late emergence in the field

Analysis later in the season:

  • Validating spatial variations in crop maturity 
  • Reporting the period of harvest