Large-Scale Geospatial Intelligence and Enterprise Forest Asset Monitoring

Precision Forestry’s Problem: Monitoring Forest Assets at Scale

Because of the economic need to use available forest resources to the fullest, precision forestry professionals must constantly monitor changes in forest condition and volume. Ill-informed decisions can lead to billions in losses from supply chain disruption and inefficient use of resources.

  • Frequency: Traditional data collection in the field leads to infrequent access to data needed to support decisions.
  • Reliability: Sample-based data collection creates a risk of inaccurate data by neglecting within-stand variation.
  • Timeliness: Changing climatic conditions increase the vulnerability of forests to disturbances, threatening productivity and resource availability.

The PlanetWatchers Solution for Precision Forestry

PlanetWatchers enables data-driven forest management by offering the industry’s first analytics solution that uses proven algorithms to render high-quality insights with comprehensive and cloud-agnostic satellite data. PlanetWatchers delivers continual satellite-driven insights to empower precision forestry.

  • Satellite-driven analysis leads to more frequent and complete insights on forest resources
  • Powered by an artificial intelligence engine that improves in quality with scale and time
  • Forest-specific analysis is designed to allow critical management decisions, to optimize forest value chain, and to protect the forests from a variety of disturbances.

How Geospatial Intelligence Works

PlanetWatchers provides forestry business intelligence and forest data analytics as a service by applying proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to multi-source geospatial data, and delivering actionable business insights.

Customer Data

Forest parameters, climate, soil, topography, etc.

Multi-Source Geospatial Data

Satellite optical and radar imagery, and meteorological data

Proprietary Algorithms

Artificial intelligence and computer vision

Actionable Insight

Cloud-based intelligence platform

Features and Benefits

Satellite-Driven Analytics

Proprietary algorithms designed to provide comprehensive insights throughout the entire forest assets regardless of geographic location or the type of the forests. The use of radar satellite technology allows an access to the forest insights that is not dependent on the weather conditions.

Real-Time Access to Inventory Data

Platform designed to improve the quality of insights as the volume of data increases to deliver high quality, timely insights to forestry professionals. The platform is compatible with most commonly used forest information systems and combines data from multiple sources for more insightful data analysis.

Empowering Operational Forest Management

Analytical and operational tools designed specifically to support forest management by enabling forestry professionals to improve silvicultural decision making and time-sensitive operational planning.

  • Harvest timing
  • Silvicultural decision making
  • Assessment and mitigation of pest damage
  • Prediction of pests and diseases

Hectares of geographically distributed natural assets monitored

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