Foresights Monitoring and Geospatial Analytics Platform

PlanetWatchers Foresights Monitoring Fundamentals:


Multi-source data ingestion and processing covers large and remote areas


Actionable insights are derived from expertise in GIS, remote sensing, cloud and signal and image processing


Reliable monitoring of assets in conditions of fog, smoke, clouds and rain


Unified view of current and historical events allows real-time detection and prediction

Benefits and Capabilities

Continuous and reliable monitoring

Due to the nature of the multiple sources of data collection, Foresights is able to provide constant and reliable monitoring capabilities. Data acquisition is scheduled weeks and months in advance so that operations schedules may be planned and upheld.

Access to timely analytics

Since Foresights adapts and learns as more data is added, PlanetWatchers delivers the most up-to-date analytics to users. The platform is compatible with most information systems and provides alerting to areas of interest when you need it most.

Empowering operations management

PlanetWatchers has developed Foresights as an analytical and operational-support platform to enable managers to improve decision-making capabilities while minimizing supply chain inefficiencies. These tools assist with the timing of operations and assessing and mitigating damage as early as possible.

PlanetWatchers Foresights Technology

Multi-Source Satellite Data

Satellite imagery analysis leads to more frequent and complete insights on natural resource assets

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by an artificial intelligence engine that improves in quality with scale and time

Feedback Loop

Industry-specific algorithms are improved using local validation to allow critical management decisions, to optimize the value chain and to protect natural assets from a variety of disturbances


PlanetWatchers is proud to work with great partners across the new space revolution ecosystem. If you’re interested in partnering with PlanetWatchers, contact us.

PlanetWatchers Foresights Serving Forestry

High frequency monitoring allows early detection of progressing forest disturbances, such as pest infestations.

PlanetWatchers SAR imagery processing:
December 2017: 0 Ha
January 2018: 0.33 Ha
February 2018: 0.53 Ha

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