We provide planting date validation
Within 2 weeks of the crop being planted.

The time of planting is an extremely important parameter providing significant indications on the expected harvest timing. Also, for yield modelling, providing an overview of current and future supply on a regional scale. This is part of the crop insurance reporting procedures.

The manual process of collecting and recording planted dates is cumbersome and often inaccurate.
Optical imagery amongst other remote sensing technology has limited sensitivity for providing reliable information on planting activities, and cannot see through the clouds.

Crop Classification by acres and planting date.
The classification of crops within a single CLU in Iowa during 2019.

Through the use of highly sensitive SAR (synthetic aperture radar) based analysis, we are able to provide planting date information months earlier than is currently possible.

By monitoring the stability and disturbance of soil, we are able to automatically understand and identify planting dates and acres at scale.

We are able to validate planting dates within 2 weeks of the crops being planted and confirm planted and emerged acreage within 4 weeks of planting.