PlanetWatchers at NCIS 2023: Day 5

Day 5 at NCIS 2023

It is hard to believe that the 2023 Crop Insurance Annual Convention has come to a close. The first item on the agenda today was to meet with Jeff Meyers from Rain and Hail Insurance to give him the Apple Watch Ultra he won for topping the leaderboard at our minigolf event on Tuesday afternoon. After smiling for the cameras and congratulating Jeff, it was time to grab a quite bite to eat before the final day session began. After my chocolate muffin was stolen off the table by a local bird (yes, really), I took that as a sign that I should indulge in a cooked breakfast of bacon, sausage and eggs.

The guest speaker on the final day was truly inspiring. Former NASA Astronaut Jean Higginbotham took the stage and recounted her journey from reluctant NASA rocket scientist to active astronaut on the ISS. One of the takeaway statements from the engaging presentation was a reminder to us all that “A setback is only a setup for a comeback.” and the rewards of never giving up. The final session of the day was an emotional awards ceremony where high achievers in the industry received well deserved recognition.

It was a pleasure to meet so many great colleagues from the industry and attend such insightful talks and presentations. The fun of the PlanetWatchers minigolf tournament and the delicious food provided by Hyatt Regency only contributed to the excellent experience. As the focus now shifts to the journey back home, reflecting on the conference brings a mixture of satisfaction and also anticipation for the event in Scottsdale, Arizona next year.