EnergySights Web Platform

Monitor assets in remote locations on a reliable schedule and detect suspicious activity and encroachments.

EnergySights is a web-based solution for the detection and monitoring of oil and gas assets. From fast and precise identification of suspicious activity around assets to determining the level of encroachment, EnergySights provides you with actionable insights.

Using EnergySights, you can monitor assets in remote locations, on a reliable schedule, and quickly view the level and scale of disruptions, leaks or damage. PlanetWatchers understands the complexities of radar (SAR) and optical imagry analysis, and has created proprietary algorithms to monitor oil and gas assets regardless of weather conditions, to minimize losses and ensure that your assets reach their full potential.

High accuracy

PlanetWatchers can detect and monitor changes and disturbances in assets as small as 0.25 acres (0.1 hectares).

Machine learning algorithms

Algorithms designed specifically for monitoring oil and gas as- sets leads to more comprehensive insights.

Real-Time Access

EnergySights is compatible with geolocation applications to allow data to update real-time.

Web-based dashboard

Determine the management implications for all assets with an easy to use interface.

Offline Reports

Save geolocated reports to your device for use in the field when connectivity is limited.