Fast, accurate acreage reports
In as little as 4 weeks from the planting date.

An emerged acreage report validates the crop emergence from the initial planted acreage . This report provides an insight into the yield predictions for harvesting. Also, claims data for crop insurance purposes of prevented planting acreage.

Recording both planted and emerged acres can be a manual overhead. Often this lacks efficiency, and can deliver inaccurate results. Alternatively, other remote sensing techniques can provide scale at speed, however are restricted by weather and light elements.

Using SAR (synthetic aperture radar) led analysis, our highly sensitive algorithms allow us to determine key policy data. For instance, planting dates, crop classification and acres automatically. In addition, it works at significant scale to ensure accurate and timely data capture.

SAR is unrestricted by weather or light conditions and provides detailed insight at state, county and field level. We can provide acreage data within 4 weeks of the crop being planted. As a result, this allows accurate acreage reports for submission by July 15th.