We talk data collection within the crop insurance industry with the experts.

Listen to what the experts from the crop insurance industry have to say about the uses of data and its collection sources.  

PlanetWatchers work closely with the crop insurance industry. We provide data analysis to support policy claims, using SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) led analysis. As a result we were very keen to learn more about how our data, and data from all other sources of remote sensing is used within the crop insurance industry.

To find out more we talked to industry experts Steve Renter from ProAg, and Seavey Anthony from AgriSompo North America.

Listen to our discussion where we find out the data sources in use, what purposes they serve and what challenges the industry faces.

We cover the effects of climate change, Covid-19 and what the future may hold for the future of crop insurance and the technology supporting it.

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