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Generating Crop Classification Maps Using AI

Why do we need crop classification? In agriculture, knowing what crops are planted where can be an extremely valuable piece of information for traders, setting price points and for ecological considerations such as nutrient inputs. Many countries around the world have...

The Last Mile of Analytics for Natural Resources

Some startups say they have no strategy, they’re all about execution, and they’ll let strategy emerge as they learn and grow. I’m not sure I believe them; I think they have a strategy and either they are afraid somebody will steal it, or they don’t want to go on...

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What’s the matter with NDVI? You are!

I was talking to an AgTech friend and naturally I asked about remote sensing. His answer surprised me: “Oh, we don’t have internal remote sensing practice, we just download NDVI maps online.” I should not have been surprised, there are a lot of misconceptions about...

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The Early Startup COO: When You Know You Need One

Execution is everything in startups: the tight time frames, the overwhelming tasks, and the constant need for quick wins. Yet, many startups choose to delay the staffing of the COO role. You can hear different opinions debated in founding teams around the world:...

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