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Generating Crop Classification Maps Using AI

Why do we need crop classification? In agriculture, knowing what crops are planted where can be an extremely valuable piece of information for traders, setting price points and for ecological considerations such as nutrient inputs. Many countries around the world have...

Dam Collapse in Brumadinho, Brazil

    On January 25th, a dam at the Corrego de Feijão iron ore mining complex in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil collapsed without warning. Within seconds, an estimated 12 million cubic meters of sludge, mud and debris was carried nearly ten kilometers...

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Choosing The Right Database for Geoanalytics

When we began to design our data processing pipeline, one of the first questions we had to answer was, “Which database will best serve the needs of the pipeline?” In order to fully appreciate the issues and considerations, we have to take into consideration all the...

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